Case Study
Visualising the flow of money, for Lemoney


Lemoney is an app for transferring money between users, paying bills and making payments for retail purchases. The app facilitates payments from multiple sources such as UPI, credit cards and e-Wallets, to various product and service providers through various intermediaries and interchange networks. We began working with the team at a very early stage of the business.

We were tasked with visualising how money would flow based on different scenarios and modes of payment, in a way that would be comprehensible to someone with limited context or prior knowledge. To accommodate for the evolving landscape of the Indian financial sector, which constantly sees changes in policies and regulations, our solution had to be flexible enough to adapt to shifts in systems.


  • System visualization
  • UX Research


  • Ecosystem map detailing Lemoney stakeholders
  • Series of maps that visualise various transaction flows for credit/debit cards, UPI, e-Wallets and bank transfer.


After spending time researching and understanding the current workflows, we created rough diagrams to show the flow of information and money between users, merchants, providers, financial institutions. These drafts were presented to the team, and through a series of feedback loops we cleaned up the maps until they were accurate representations of the actual transaction flows. These interactions also helped Lemoney’s team iron out any gaps in their understanding of the ecosystem as they presented their proof of concept to potential partners, investors and stakeholders.

The outcome is an in-depth view of Lemoney’s ecosystem. A set of over 20 maps show the flow of information and money and tracks fee settlements as well. It also details out the different route possibilities from payment sources to the providers. This was meant to facilitate brainstorming new connections and payment routes within the ecosystem. 

To keep app users at the centre of the flows, we introduced three personas – Vivek, Aarti and Parth. Vivek is a primary Lemoney user, who initiates all his transactions through the Lemoney app and is able to transfer money to Aarti and Parth.

Creating an engaging Application experience to reduce drop offs