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What is the value of design?
Persona of a radiologist created while designing Augnito, an AI-based medical transcription tool What value do we bring to our clients, as designers? This is a question that I am constantly asked, and one that I have thought about long and hard.  Most often, we find ourselves building complex products...
Hidden in 'Plane' Sight
How being cognizant of Survivorship Bias can help you uncover the whole story.
Ayush Sahu​
UX/UI Designer​
Indrani Ghosh​
Sr. UX/UI Designer​
Sujay Kumar​
Sr. UX/UI Designer​
Stuti Agrawal​
Sr. Design Researcher​
Rashna Engineer​
Head of Research & Human Factors​
UX/UI Designer​
As a UX Designer you will do: ​Execute the end to end product development process: Collaborate with clients to create design requirements Synthesise research into actionable insights and define problem statements Use ideation methodologies to reach design concepts Design intuitive user stories and flow...
How we re-designed Seclore’s data security platform
Photo by Timothy Muza on Unsplash
Honey, I Shrunk The Screen: Introduction to Responsive Design
What started off as a piece in ‘A List Apart’, evolved into a movement that kickstarted a mobile first approach in designing for websites.