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Blast furnace
A walk in steel toe boots
Designers often talk about “walking in the customer or users’ shoes” and the importance of “understanding context”. Why is it so important to see and feel the environment when designing vs. referring to prepared research, thinking and analysing? Some things cannot be replicated while sitting at a computer,...
KisanKred: Empowering farmers, one acre at a time
A platform that matches farmers with land and credit, while promoting sustainable agriculture.
A group of Indian sugar cane farmers
Sugarcane & Systems Thinking
Every product we build is similarly a ‘system of systems’. Our role as designers is to set up the conditions for these systems to perform to their full potential in order to create the best possible experience for the customer.
What is the value of design?
Persona of a radiologist created while designing Augnito, an AI-based medical transcription tool What value do we bring to our clients, as designers? This is a question that I am constantly asked, and one that I have thought about long and hard.  Most often, we find ourselves building complex products...
Godavari Biorefineries Ltd.
E-commerce app to promote sustainable agriculture among sugarcane farmers
Hidden in 'Plane' Sight
How being cognizant of Survivorship Bias can help you uncover the whole story.
Ayush Sahu​
UX/UI Designer​
Indrani Ghosh​
Sr. UX/UI Designer​
Sujay Kumar​
Sr. UX/UI Designer​
Stuti Agrawal​
Sr. Design Researcher​